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Ai CGM Exports Pdf Analysis


This application allows users to upload their diabetes data in PDF or JSON format. It then visualizes this data, provides an analysis, and offers recommendations. The app uses various JavaScript libraries for data parsing and visualization.


The interface includes a form where users can input personal details and select a file for upload. The supported file types are specified as PDF and JSON, suitable for containing detailed diabetes data such as blood glucose levels, insulin doses, and timestamps.


  1. Entering Personal Information:
    • Fill in your gender, age, height, weight, therapy type (Insulin Pump or Insulin Pen), and insulin type. This information helps personalize the analysis to your specific situation.
  2. Uploading a File:
    • Click on the file input button and choose either a PDF or JSON file from your device. Ensure your file contains diabetes data formatted in a way that the application can understand.
  3. Initiating Analysis:
    • After selecting your file, click the ‘Upload File and Analyze’ button. The application will then begin processing your file.


  • PDF Processing: If you upload a PDF, it’s converted into text and displayed on the canvas. This is done page by page.
  • JSON Processing: If you upload a JSON file, it’s parsed to extract and display relevant data points like glucose values and time stamps.
  • Visualization: The application creates graphs showing your blood glucose trends over time and your time in different glucose ranges.
  • Analysis and Recommendations: The text or data from your file is sent to an ai custom model (based on CHATGPT 4-1106-preview) for analysis. This model will generate an in-depth analysis based on the data, personal information provided, and possibly other contextual factors.
  • Results Display: The analysis and recommendations from the model are displayed under the ‘Analysis and Recommendations’ section. This might include insights on your insulin dosage, blood sugar trends, and suggestions for management.


  • Accurate Input: For the best analysis, ensure the data in your PDF or JSON file is accurate and well-structured.
  • Internet Connection: Since the application uses external libraries and APIs, an active internet connection is needed.
  • Processing Time: There might be a short wait while your file is processed and analyzed, especially for longer PDFs.
  • Recommendations: The suggestions provided are based on the analysis of the uploaded file and the personal details entered. They should be considered as supplementary advice and not a replacement for professional medical guidance.

Analysis and Recommendations:

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