#Wheo-συχνές ΕΡΩΤΉΣΕΙΣ


Your World Shared

Once registered, you can add a spot by navigating to the interactive map, selecting the location, and uploading your photos and sound clips along with a brief description of the experience.

Viewing basic spot information is available to all, but registration is required to access full features, including detailed spot descriptions, personal messages, and forum participation.

The forum allows you to ask questions, share travel tips, experiences, and discuss various topics related to travel and destinations, similar to how Quora operates.

You can edit or delete your added spots by navigating to the specific spot on the map and selecting the 'edit' or 'delete' option, available only to the user who added the spot.

Yes, after registering, you can send personal messages to other users to discuss travel plans, ask for advice, or share experiences directly.

We prioritize user privacy and security. Your personal information is protected with advanced security measures, and you can adjust your privacy settings in your account preferences.

Yes, you can link your social media accounts for an integrated experience. This allows for easier sharing and connectivity with your network.

If you encounter any inappropriate content or behavior, please use the 'Report' function available on each spot or message, and our team will take appropriate action.

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